Goroth & Zagdûsh, Orc Captains

Tasked by Gothmog with spearheading the Mordor attack through the broken gates of Minas Tirith and over its walls respectively, Goroth and Zagdûsh took fierce delight in taking the city by storm.

Goroth and Zagdûsh are two Heroes for the Mordor army lists. Goroth cares little for the lives of his minions, bodily throwing them in harm's way should his own life be in danger. Zagdûsh is a recklessly aggressive fighter, happily forgoing self defence to lash out at his foes with even greater ferocity. They make great additions to an infantry-based force, where their brutality can help break open even the toughest enemy battle line.

The set consist of 8 components cast in high-quality resin.

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