Defenders Of The Glade - Urza Fairbreeze

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"When people tell me that I fight like a girl, I can only laugh, because I fight like a bear! Grrrr..."

Urza is part of Tribes March release.

Defenders of the Glade is a Night Elf theme chosen by my Patreon Community.

Urza Fairbreeze is a 32mm scale miniature (taller than the average human).

There are 2 versions of her (Hair and Bear), 13 Hand options (interchangeable L/R).

A round 25.4mm forest theme base is included but, you can use any base you wish, it is not attached to the model.

Assemble/Clean tips: Cut the supports holding the ears before every other, those ears are thin and long. Weapons have L/R orientation so choose and mirror in the plate before printing.

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