Four Horsemen - War

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"I have seen so many battles,

I have walked over rivers of blood,

I bring destruction.

For I am WAR." 


War is part of Tribes May release.

Four Horsemen is a set of four death knights and their horses a theme chosen by my Patreon Community.

War is a 32mm scale miniature (taller than the average human, around 2.3meters tall).

There are two versions of him (Hood and helmet). Has Modular Hands with two options, 2-Handed Axe and Dual Wield Axe.

A round 25.4mm Stone and Liquid theme base is included but, you can use any base you wish, it is not attached to the model.

Assemble/Clean tips: If you wish for the dual wield simply mirror the 1Hand Axe on the build Plate before printing. 

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