Horace "Patient Zero"

“Ever since his admission in our establishment, patient Horace W. never showed a sign of dejection, in spite of the gravity of his affliction. But when it became clear that his condition will not improve, and that the transformation is irreversible, the crises came more often, more and more violent, to the point that it was necessary to hinder him. To protect the tranquility of the residents, we transferred him to the lower levels. It has been one month now, the staff still refuses to approach his cell, and I fear I must soon come to a radical decision. “
Dr Simon Fraud, notes.

Bust, total height 43mm. Miniature sculpted and painted by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois. Finest quality polyurethane resin cast, supplied unpainted.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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