Blunt-Claw, Vras-Lord on Goz-Horror

Blunt-Claw, called Vras-Lord and Kin-Killer, is tolerated by the Ysians despite his reputation for he brings hordes of man-rats to their armies that would otherwise be nibbling at the underbelly of Ker-Ys - just as they nip and tear at Par-Ys, amongst the other cities of the Merovingians. For himself, Blunt-Claw cares little for Euryalia's goals and has no desires but those for slaughter and an appetite for human flesh, yet he knows that allying with her ensures he can sate both without creating a powerful enemy. Thus, he is cunning enough to drive his innumerable Vras forward against her foes, joining battle against the above-men himself as his desire takes it, whereupon he can choose his victims and roast them slowly just as he prefers; for such is the internecine warfare in the vast underworld of the Vras - an underworld it has taken him many Vras-years to become a lord of - it is prudent to procure your own food, and what better food than rich, fat, human meat?

This blister pack contains:

1x Blunt-Claw, Vras-Lord on Goz-Horror
1x 100mm round Darklands base

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