Drow Demonic Harpys And Valkyries Bundle - Include 7 Pinup Versions

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A set of Drow who has willingfully been possessed by the spirit of greater demons. The possession increases their size, strength and gives them leathery wings. Equipped with deadly spears to skewer enemies from afar or dual blades they cleave through invades with ease.

All the models in this bundle (the bundled set is prediscounted):








Useable as proxy for popular wargaming factions.

The models have seperate pieces for the wings. Come with a secondary pinup version of the body.

The 6 Valkyrie/Harpy models are sized on a 50mm base. The Greater Valkyrie is sized ona 70mm base

Very soft resins may have a lower resting position for the body for the flying models due to hanging on the tail. I recommend baking the body for longer or using less flexable resins. Elegoo's water washable resin works well.


2 STL version of each model (one with supports) Presupported and Hollowed Chitubox 1.8 version (The supported versions are used to create the printed examples) Test prints created on a Mars 2 Pro with 0.025 layer height

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