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As the battle for the Pacific draws on, the attrition suffered by the USMC and accompanying Army units has caused concern amongst senior officers. There is a realisation that well equipped, elite forces are going to be needed to capture and hold the toughest objectives and the US Marine Corps has been selected to lead the development of these specialist forces in the Theatre.

Learning lessons from earlier engagements and maximising the use of the newest and most effective weaponry available, the specialist USMC Expeditionary Task Forces were swiftly mustered and began intensive operational training.

By late 1947 they are ready for combat and are being deployed against remote Japanese outposts where the terrain restricts numbers and restricts supporting fire from naval guns or air support.

This new army list for Konflikt '47 provides rules for fielding a United States Marine Corps Expeditionary Task Force reinforced platoon using the Konflikt '47 rules system.

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