Sets fields, field groups and fields descriptions

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Sets fields, field groups and fields descriptions

Lets talk about fields of Set. What needs to be added or change description etc.
What do you think?

Set copies is currently described (in English) as
"When this set is limited to defined copies by manufacturer."
Might be better described as "When a set is a limited edition, how many copies of the set were produced in total?"

Change this, thank you!

Could we add packaging type Clampack as that's Games Workshop's official description of their Citadel Finecast model packaging instead of the blister packaging used with the metal models.

As i know - there is not real difference between Clampack and default Blister. Transparent plastic with paper and place for mini. Am i right?
We can add everything, but need to understand why, to not to multiply entities)

Blister packs:

Here's a write up on the newer Clampacks introduced with Resin (Citadel Finecast) models:

They both achieve the same goal of displaying the mini in a shop but the clampacks have different codes to the blisters and its a way to differentiate the ranges beyond the product codes. Its also a pain to get into the clampacks compared to the old blisters..

On the price field for mini's I think its worth specifying that this should be the manufacturers price not discounted reseller or eBay pricing. I also think there should be a date associated with this price so that if it reflects the 2009 price for example people can update it with a newer official price when needed or realise that was the price at the time the model was available not what the item may sell for now on the open market.

Ok! I added Clampack to Packages types.

I like the idea of price date.
Change field description to

Last known official manufacturer price with currency symbol. Example: $2 or €4 or £6... Only one price in one currency, please.

Is this ok?