Todo list for site - add your advices!

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Todo list for site - add your advices!

What we are going to do in near future
It's about programming, usability and errors, not about what sets to add.
Also we have a roadmap for site, but without details.

Add More!

Company and CFPs
Games and factions
Translation to Russian

Materials of the Day

Auto change for every day
Normal management for any moderator
Any type of materials - sets, company, games, persons and etc.


More statistics
Stats for all types of materials (companies, games and etc)


Better viewing for rotations
Similar sets for sets with tags
Tags selector for easy describing miniatures
Easy selection of set's checkboxes in modal window to apply to anything, like cfp or paintworks from social networks
Autosearching for corrupted images

Sets Catalogue

Table viewing?
Catalogues descriptions - change language
Catalogues descriptions - auto showing alternatives?


Show users for user with similar collections
Easy block user to no comments, editing materials, only working with have and want lists.


Normal page for persons, with lists, new persons and etc
Easy functions to find and remove duplicates
Easy functions for moderators to work with tweens


Add Indiegogo
Availability for member to check in what cfp he take a part to show him news and updates
Sets for rewards. For availability to check your reward and all sets automatically will add to your iHave list. Is it useful for anyone?


they are miserable for now...

Normal page

Front page

Availability to set up own blocks (hide what you dont need)
Analyse and show only what is interesting for user, looking for his Have, Want and likes.

My paints

Add more paints from different companies
Rework similar paints to work good

Scale Meter

Change background images and scale

Video and Text links

Move them from nodes to self DB
Figure out, what to do with text links
Add easy link to complain on wrong video for this set
Availability to check good channels and search new videos from they
Blocking channels
Binding channels with companies


References to companies, games and etc to show such topics on materials pages

Catalogs Scans

Change zoom tool


Applying userpoints to finished project

Shops and Prices

Easy way to advice new eshops to connect to our system of price showing
Country for user to show prices from

Whole site

Subscribe to company->game->faction, to have a notifications by email or PM, if there is new sets.
Showing new comments for all users materials in top menu block
Ask for help to check site's English phrases, because my english is poor...)
Price updating tool for sets
Instagram implementation
moving site to httpss

What else?

If you see any problems, errors or have any ideas - please - write in this topic, any ideas.

Add Similar Sets block to sets with tags. Example. No tags - no similar. Add tags)

Site moved to https! Now working two variants, but soon be only secure one. Strongly recommended to use secure version of site!