Getting an error in the database

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Getting an error in the database

Whenever I go into company and try to look at the games they have available the following error shows up:

"К сожалению такой миниатюры нет.
Попробуйте поиск по названию или ID в верхнем правом углу.

Если такой миниатюры нет - добавьте ее, это просто!"

I have no idea what this means, but it lists how many miniatures are in the set, then displays nothing. This seems to be happening on everything.

I fixed part of the problem, now a search form is displayed instead of this inscription.

The second part of the problem is the names of games/collections. If they contain special characters, then the system interprets them poorly. Can you list exactly where in the catalog you have this error displayed?

Okay, so I finally started poking around for this and my answer is, everywhere. I can not see anything by collection anymore.

For example, if I go to Warhammer 40k, it has the list of games and factions. If I click on any of those sorted sections it says there are no minis in the set. (Even though on the side it will say there are 400.) So, the site sees they exist, it just won't display anything.

No matter what I do, if I try to go into a company it will list all the minis on the site. If I go to Games Workshop and then click on Necromunda, it says there are no minis. I can try to go into game and the results is the same.

If I use the search function, that still works. I can search by name or id-code and then it will find the miniature just fine. So that still works.

Hm. It's look like you have some filters on. Something about Only busts, or only this language, or only sets for 3d print. If you go here - do you see some red blocks under filter section, something like "Only Busts, Only Unreleased, Only English, Only 3d Miniature for print"?

Oh, you are right! I had an "only magazines" filter on for some reason. I didn't know they didn't turn off when you leave a location. Sorry about that! It all seems to work now.

I'm glad to hear that everything turned out to be so simple and nothing really broke)