How to Paint a Nurgle Foetid Bloat Drone Part 2

by Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic 22:10

Finishing up your Foetid Bloat Drone and talking a lot about the many different ways to paint metallics.

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VMC = Vallejo Model Color
VGC = Vallejo Game Color
VMA = Vallejo Model Air
VPA = Vallejo Panzer Aces
MC = Vallejo Metal Color
AK = AK Interactive

VMA Steel + VMC Black + VGC Charred Brown
VMC Steel
Wash VGC Charred Brown + VMC Brown Violet
Wash VPA Light Rust
Wash VPA Dark Rust
Wash VMC Camo Black Brown + VMC Black
VMA Steel + VMC Camo Black Brown + VMC Black

VGC Glorious Gold + VGC Parasite Brown
VGC Glorious Gold
Add VMA Silver
Add VMA Silver
Wash VGC Green Ink
Wash VGC Green Ink + Sepia Ink

VMA Gungray + VMC Black
VMA Gungray + VMA Steel
Wash VGC Black Ink + VGC Brown Ink
VMA Gungray + VMA Steel
(Repeat last two steps several times)
VMA Silver

VMA Beige
Add VMC Flat Earth
Add VMC Flat Earth
Wash VMC Camo Black Brown

VGC Escorpena Green + VMC White
Add White

VMC Flat Red
VMC Orange Red
VMC Flat Yellow

Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Family Vacation by Russ Huddleston & Robert Smith, Jr
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


CompanyGames Workshop
CompanyForge World
Game / CollectionWarhammer 40k
FactionDeath Guard
FactionDaemons of Chaos
FactionChaos Space Marines
SetFoetid Bloat-drone
SetNurgle Blight Drone

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