How to make the Primaris Space Marine Librarian Base

by wizzard wargaming 5:04

In this video i will explain how i made and painted the base for the Primaris Space Marine Librarian.

Airbrush used in this video, Harder and steenbeck Evolution cr-plus
Old Brush for applying the glue.
Small drybrush

Basing Tutorial:

How to apply transfers:

How to apply weatheringpowder for dusting:

Drums of the Deep Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

All shown logo's are under the Games Workshop trademark


CompanyGames Workshop
Game / CollectionWarhammer 40k
FactionSpace Marines
FactionBlood Angels
FactionDark Angels
FactionSpace Wolves
SetPrimaris Librarian
SetSpace Marine Librarian

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