How to paint a Primaris Space Marine Librarian

by wizzard wargaming 26:03

In this video i will explain how i painted up this primaris space marine librarian.
The full list of paints and materials used is at the end of the video.

Airbrush used in this video, Harder and steenbeck Evolution cr-plus
Brushes used in this video, Winsor&Newton series 7 size 0 and 1.
Broken Toad miniature mk2 Size 1

Basing Tutorial:

How to apply transfers:

How to apply weatheringpowder for dusting:

Drums of the Deep Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

All shown logo's are under the Games Workshop trademark


CompanyGames Workshop
Game / CollectionWarhammer 40k
FactionSpace Marines
FactionBlood Angels
FactionDark Angels
FactionSpace Wolves
SetPrimaris Librarian
SetSpace Marine Librarian

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