Let's Paint; Hordes, Farrow Brigands

by Ian Stuckey 4:02:45

Painting video for Farrow Brigands from the Minions faction of the game Hordes.

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Colors Used; Reaper Master Series
09035 Olive Green, 09040 Dark Shadow, 09041 Dark Skin, 09042 Dark Highlights, 09205 Blackened Steel,
09206 Tarnished Steel, 09207 True Silver, 09196 Aged Pewter, 09197 Old Bronze, 09198 Tarnished Brass,
09142 Stained Ivory, 09143 Yellowed Bone,
09144 Creamy Ivory, 09001 Red Brick, 09002 Deep Red,
09003 Blood Red, 09102 Coppery Orange,
09160 Woodstain Brown, 09161 Shield Brown,
09162 Driftwood Brown, 09109 Ruddy Leather,
09110 Oiled Leather, 09111 Burnt Orange, 09037 Pure Black, 09039 Pure White, 09101 Ruby Red,
09220 Olive Skin Shadow, 09221 Olive Skin,
09222 Olive Skin Highlight
Created with Movie Studio


CompanyPrivateer Press
Game / CollectionHordes
SetFarrow Brigands
SetFarrow Brigands

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