Imperial Ships - Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game - Imperial Aces, Slave I, Lambda-class Shuttle

by Tom Strong Reviews 6:26

Here are all the Imperial Ships currently available to buy March 2014 for the fantastic Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games.
This video gives you a good close-up look at all the figures and some of the minor 'Paint enhancements' that I have done to the engine areas on the larger ships.

X-Wing: TIE Fighter Expansion Pack.
X-Wing: TIE Advanced Expansion Pack.
X-Wing: Slave I Expansion Pack.
X-Wing: TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack.
X-Wing: Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack.
X-Wing: TIE Bomber Expansion Pack.
X-Wing: Imperial Aces Expansion Pack

Note - I will be making future videos of the newer expansion sets as they come available + some game review and play videos.
(At this point I have been playing this for 2 months and love this game. I love all the different ships, pilots, add-ons and rules as this series just keeps on growing and getting better).


CompanyGames Workshop
Game / CollectionBattlefleet Gothic
FactionImperial Fleet
FactionSpace Marine Fleet
SetImperial Transport Ships

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