Grimlord Games

Grimlord Games was started by 2 very good friends, with the dream of bringing to life whatever cool ideas they could think up.

Grimlord Games is an independent developer of strategic table-top board games based in the UK.

Started by two friends who met travelling the world, the company was born out of a mutual passion for all things gaming, alongside a handful of ideas.

Our goal is simple; make games that we would like to play, to the best standard of quality possible.

Adam Smith - Creative Director

Favourite game: Mansions of Madness

Ever since purchasing a Super Nintendo with money raised from an impromptu family boot sale (garage sale if you’re not British) Adam has been a fan of gaming in all of its forms. Basically if it involves rolling dice or a controller then you have his interest. He is responsible for the creative outp​ut at Grimlord Games, so whether it’s the rules of the game or the story of the universe you’re playing in, chances are it spilled out of this guy’s head.

Mike Brown - Operations Director

Favourite game: Blood Bowl

Mike is a serial entrepreneur having set up, run and sold companies in the past. With a background in fine art and sculpture, he has a creative eye and has been an avid player of board games since his 11th birthday when he got his first copy of Milton Bradley's HeroQuest. A Geordie born and bred, he makes sure things run smoothly at Grimlord.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Grimlord Games

The Everrain
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
Setting: Fantasy
October 2018, London, UK, GB
Endure the Stars 1.5
The epic fully cooperative Sci Fi dungeon crawl for 1-6 players returns, graphically refined with exciting new mechanics!
Setting: Sci-fi
October 2017, Hornchurch, UK, GB
Village Attacks
An epic 1-5 player co-op game where you play as infamous creatures of folklore, defending your castle from the local villagers!
Setting: Fantasy 35mm
March 2017, Hornchurch, UK, GB
Endure the Stars
An epic 1-6 player Sci-Fi co-op fight for survival, set amongst the ruins of the N.W.E. Hikari spaceship, now with 121 miniatures.
Setting: Sci-fi
November 2015, Greater London, UK, GB

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