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Spawning Pool Studios was formed in May 2012 by Henning and Sheridan Doose, a father and son team, offering a full range of artistic services from digital sculpture to graphic design to concept art. Our dream has always been to move forward with the creation of a range of original, painter-centric miniatures. Our focus is currently dedicated to bringing these figures to life and to your workbench (in between freelance gigs, anime nights, and Dark Souls binges.)

One of our aims is to handle as much as we possible can in house - that means concept, sculpt, casting, packaging and shipping are all handled directly by us. Our runs are all limited, so once they are gone, they’re gone! That being said, if there is enough demand for any of our characters, they may make an appearance in a new kit or scale.

Our Lines:

  • The Indomitable line of figures features all manner of warrior inspired by different facets of human strength, triumphing over all, and personified in the form of their monstrous trophies. Never mind good or evil - these legendary combatants simply reign victorious.
  • New Wave Complex is a line influenced by old school anime, cyberpunk tropes, and the revival of 80's style synth! This series is an homage to everything bad ass that came out of that legendary decade - from Heavy Metal and Neuromancer to GITS and Gary Numan. Get ready to sling some chrome and neon, and pump up the new retro wave!
  • Monsters! is of course inspired by all the classic monsters from movies and books. Monsters! will pay tribute to many of the OG creatures - from dwellers of the depths to celestial beings from beyond the veil! Oh my!

We want our figures to stand among the greats of the hobby on your workbench, display case, and judging table. Any and all support and feedback is very much appreciated to help us create the best models we can, and will infinitely help us in the creation of new figures. You can contact us via email or on our Facebook page where we will keep you up to date on our latest offerings. You can also join our newsletter for special promotions and updates!

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