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Tiny Leads is a project born from the encounter of Alex, Antonio and María, united by a mutual passion and an eagerness to share their ideas and views on model-making. A venture brought forth to quench our thirst for all the figures we all have wished to come across but we never have. With its own unique style, Tiny Leads comes forth to tell a magical tale woven around its compelling characters.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of Arts & Crafts, both as aficionado and professional artists, at Tiny Leads we add life as well as an individual twist to our creations by making a significant contribution to the uniqueness of our miniatures. Tiny Leads’ team is composed of:

Creative Director (Sculpture)
- Antonio Fernández 'Piqui'

Artistic Director (Concept Art)
- María Fernández 'Cuxi'

Artistic Director (Painting)
- Alex Varela 'Iguazzu'

Moreover, we are currently collaborating with some of today’s finest miniature sculptors, such as Pedro Fernández, Antonio Meseguer, Diego Iglesias and Dae Hyoung Kim among others, whose art works will be showcased during 2015.

We are dedicated to produce 75mm scale figures and 1/10 busts with a leitmotiv spanning history and the realm of fantasy.

Our mission doesn’t merely involve miniature-manufacturing but also hinges upon delivering top-notch quality by providing superior products to the delight of the most demanding collectors. This is why each set of miniature has a limited production run of hand-selected 150 authentic copies and comes uniquely presented along with a range of accessories.

Our miniatures are made from high quality resin by the best casters in the business. We manufacture all our products under strict quality control measures where each aspect of product development is dutifully overseen in order to achieve excellence.

We aim to provide exclusive miniatures that genuinely reflect our particular vision instead of focusing on a wide commercial theme or category-based range featuring different historical periods or thematic areas. That’s why we offer unique limited edition miniatures presented in a very special way, worth the status of collector’s item.

If you like what you see, we thought we would also say a few words about the graphic arts wizard behind this whimsical adventure. Since the very beginning of the project, London-based designer Raul Varela (Shonen Studio) has been in charge of the implementation of Tiny Leads’ brand identity as well as every stage related to our web presence.

At Tiny Leads we literally put our hearts in what we do and we are glad and proud to say model-making is our thing. We hope you will enjoy every minute of it as much as we have revelled in the sheer joy of embarking upon this fascinating journey.

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Last update: 1 January 1970
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