Simply put, Discworld is an imaginary world that looks like a disc carried on the backs of four elephants, which in turn rest on the pockmarked shell of a giant turtle called the Great A'Tuin. It is an invention of the famous science fiction writer and satirist is Terry Pratchett. Discworld, as one can guess, is the setting for many imaginative tales. In fact, there are more than 30 novels set in the Discworld universe to date. It is quite a complex world, with its own set of political ideologies, cultures, paradigms, and general rules of physics. It is also filled with magic, wizards, witches, gods, goddeses, gargoyles, politicians, along with strange creatures such as trolls, zombies, vampires who don't drink blood, werewolves who are mostly vegetarian, and six-foot dwarves (adopted).

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Discworld Tolliver Groat. Set
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Discworld - Coffin Henry. Set

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