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No description in english yet. Everyone can write it, but not yet.
Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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Most Viewed Miniatures of Heroes and Villains

Prof.Witchheimer (Lead Adventure Forum)
Prof.Witchheimer (Lead Adventure Forum). Set
Mad Science
Mad Science. Set
Dr. Lehmann, Detective
Dr. Lehmann, Detective. Set
Matakishi (Lead Adventure Forum)
Matakishi (Lead Adventure Forum). Set
"Zed, Just Zed", A Failed Experiment
"Zed, Just Zed", A Failed Experiment. Set
Hospital Nurse Marta “Big Pin” Orlowski
Hospital Nurse Marta “Big Pin” Orlowski. Set
Hammers (Lead Adventure Forum)
Hammers (Lead Adventure Forum). Set
Plynkes (Lead Adventure Forum)
Plynkes (Lead Adventure Forum). Set
Grimm (Lead Adventure Forum)
Grimm (Lead Adventure Forum). Set
Sebastian Ritter, Detective
Sebastian Ritter, Detective. Set
Baron von Madenburg, Nosferatu
Baron von Madenburg, Nosferatu. Set
Count Grabbo, Nosferatu
Count Grabbo, Nosferatu. Set
Prof. Günther "Rocket" von Donnerhof
Prof. Günther "Rocket" von Donnerhof. Set
Nurse Eva "Blood" Brotnizky
Nurse Eva "Blood" Brotnizky. Set
Prof. Julius "Pinhead" Telepaticus
Prof. Julius "Pinhead" Telepaticus. Set
Assistant, Oleg "Uzi" Zababaiski
Assistant, Oleg "Uzi" Zababaiski. Set
Ervin Hwardovski, Pulp Magazine Writer
Ervin Hwardovski, Pulp Magazine Writer. Set
Philipp von Kraft, Investigator
Philipp von Kraft, Investigator. Set
Frank "Eraser" von Stein
Frank "Eraser" von Stein. Set
Dr. Konrad "Saw" Krabbo
Dr. Konrad "Saw" Krabbo. Set

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