Vindicare Assassin

Vindicare Assassins practice callous, unfeeling destruction which eliminates the target with contemptuous ease. They aim to bring inlorious death to the enemies of the Emperor with a sniper's bullet, and have elevated the skills of the marksman to an art form. To complement this, the Vindicare Temple emphasises stealth and evasion techniques as well as weapons training. One of the temple's maxims is that a clean kill can only be made from an excellent firing position, and Vindicare Assassins have been known to occupy a position overlooking their target for weeks before finally taking their shot.

The skills of the Vindicare temple are commonly used to slay those who are suspected of harbouring a Daemonic entity before it emerges onto the material plane. Many false messiahs have fallen with a Vindicare bullet through their brains as they preached their credo. When such charismatic figures die at the hands of a faceless servant of the Emperor, their followers soon become disillusioned and fearful. In this way, many heresies have been stopped with a single shot, although there are inevitably occasions when the Vindicare is too late or the Daemon possesses the carcass of its host, at which point the Ordo Malleus will move into action.

Vindicare Temple Assassins may be included in your Daemonhunters army led by an Inquisitor or Inquisitor Lord as an Elite choice. Note that Assassins from only one Temple can be used in any force for any reason.

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