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We know that we don't have all miniatures in our database.
If you have miniatures in your collection that we don't have - click on the checkbox of that company.
Last year we added more than 17,000 miniatures to this site. If we know what you need - we will add them faster!

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Here is a list of all companies on Miniset. Got some miniatures on Kickstarter and dont know a company name? Check Crowd Funding Projects list.
Citadel (326)
Fenryll (746)
Figone (56)
Foundry (3570)
Games K (32)
Kromlech (579)
Lab-54 (8)
MaxMini (225)
NiF (35)
Pacific88 (182)
Rackham (758)
Scale75 (42)
Vallejo (266)
Varios (9)
Vyzov (131)
Wildland (348)
Zvezda (522)
Simple arithmetic: mean value of sets for one company - 174.
We need to add to empty companies about 55854 sets.
We already add 41085, so it will be soon)
42.38% sets already added
Can't find company you know? Add it!
Companies with grey titles dont have sets yet.