Steam and Aether

Steam & Aether miniatures are a range of 28mm steampunk miniatures depicting the conflicts of post-apocalyptic 19th Century Europe, and beyond...

In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, peace descended on a troubled Europe for the first time in living memory. It was an age of reason, of enlightenment, and progress. An age where the ingenuity of mankind scaled heights previously unimagined. And yet, it was not science or intellect, nor even conquest that was to change the world. It was the discovery of something older and far more mysterious than anything humanity could have dreamt; something that had lain dormant since the dawn of time…

…the Aether.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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Factions of Steam and Aether


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Interdimensional Bestiary

After the Aetheric catastrophe, much of Western Europe was permeated with cosmic emanations, transdimensional elements and particles were strewn about the land, wreaking chaos everywhere. While the Consulate's portals remained open, stranger things still crawled, strode, slithered and floated through into our dimension.
The Steam & Aether Interdimensional Bestiary is a range of 28mm scale miniature monsters and creatures suitble for modellers, collectors and gamers inspired by Victorian Science Fiction and Weird Fantasy.
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Prussian Chaplain
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British Drummer
British Drummer. Set
British Civilian Troops Set
British Civilian Troops Set. Set
British Infantry at Ease
British Infantry at Ease. Set
British Medical Officer
British Medical Officer. Set
Klara Freibeuter
Klara Freibeuter. Set
Hanne Haas
Hanne Haas. Set
Aequatherium Egg Cluster
Aequatherium Egg Cluster. Set
Aequatherium. Set
Prussian Officer 2
Prussian Officer 2. Set
Prussian General
Prussian General. Set
British Parabolising Ordnance Conveyer
British Parabolising Ordnance Conveyer. Set
British Infantry Skirmisher
British Infantry Skirmisher. Set
British General
British General. Set
British Civilian Wounded Troops
British Civilian Wounded Troops. Set
British Civilian Running Troops
British Civilian Running Troops. Set

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