Michael the Crow Rogue and Kya

Painted by Michael Proctor

From time to time I like to honor the talented folks I have
the privilege to collaborate with by immortalizing them (or their pets) in
pewter and making them part of the Dark Sword line. I typically do this for
anniversary pieces. But then I got thinking...there are so many talented
folks and strong allies of Dark Sword out there that doing one a year will
take a long time. So I have joined forces with famed Reaper concept artist
TALIN and started getting these talented folks that I am a big admirer of
drawn up for sculpting by the very talented Mr. Jeff Grace. We sit down and
determine what iconic character class they would like to be based on their
personalities and move forward from there. Next up was Michael Proctor.
Michael and I have been friends for a very long time. He was always a big
fan of Dark Sword and what we were about with premium pewter miniatures.
Michael has been a top level painter for many years, but in recent years has
been getting stronger and stronger with his craft and is really flourishing.
He is a huge advocate for the hobby in general and is very generous with his
time at conventions helping aspiring and established painters level up their
skills. For this piece we did Michael as the Crow Rogue (in honor of her
Clever Crow Painting Studio) with one of his dogs - Kya the Golden
Retriever. We brought Andy Pieper onboard to help sculpt up animals for our
line. So Jeff Grace sculpted up Michael and then Andy Pieper sculpted up

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