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FirstBorn is the name with that we have titled our series standard in 54mm, with that we began the project Enigma and that will continue having a paper very important within the policy of this company. We know that she is one climbs atypical in this of the fantasy, but we think that it is necessary, mainly for the painters, and we are sure that some day will also have an important paper in the game. The idea with that we began the series and that we tried to maintain since then, is the one to make figures original, in spite of the risk and the arduous task that that entails. For us that is more satisfactory us than to follow parallel lines others marks or to repeat he himself type of established personage. Let us create that single thus we can contribute something to this great world of the figures fantastic, and that for us means much. Soon we will surprise to you with new figures that they will appear in the Firstborn series, we hoped that you remain kind to the new features.