How Teamworks works

One of the community members gets an idea to add all the information about miniatures of a certain line of a certain manufacture to the Miniset database.

The information is there in the web, on the official sites or among users themselves. However, for one it is hard to add data fast and easy when he`s alone, it`s a long and thoughtful process.

So initiator creates an Activity with description of his or her idea and possible sources of information. Other community members offer their help and together going all out on it they add and update all the information necessary to the Miniset database in a fast and enjoyable manner.

Activity in that case is a place for discussions, reports and review of project completeness statistics. The system would automatically check the information via IWSA and tell what else should be done and what percentage of readiness is.


Dark and Light Eldars

Sets added: 241     Descriptions: 214     Prices: 226     Sculptors: 0
updated 27 December 2016
Leading: Marzhana (776)
Participants: Dan (35270)

Classic Blood Bowl

Sets added: 64     Descriptions: 27     Prices: 27     Sculptors: 0
updated 7 October 2016
Leading: Dan (35270)
Participants: none

All activities

Leading Update date Comments State
Warhammer Quest Nefelyr 19 December 2016 1
Inquisitor Nefelyr 19 December 2016 11
Battlefleet Gothic Nefelyr 23 May 2016 20