Company - Corvus Belli Lines - Aristeia
Adding all the catalgue from this game b Corvus Belli.

New added sets Showing all sets, not only added during project running.

Statistics Need to update by hands

  • Company
  • Corvus Belli
  • Description (en)no
  • Description (ru)ok
  • Locationno
  • Foundedok
  • IWSAno
  • Sets682
  • Progress81%
  • Game
  • Aristeia
  • Description (en)ok
  • Description (ru)no
  • Foundedno
  • Sets0
  • Progressno
updated 10 December 2019
Leading: Kazan (161)
Participants: Kazan (161)

Last actions in this project

Kazan change Game Logo in Aristeia1 year 11 months назад

Todo for all Teamwork materials

done by Dan
Show statistics for all factions, without necessity to list all of them. teamwork, material types - teamwork


I will participate in this project! What can i help with?
Я готов поучаствовать в этом проекте! Чем я могу помочь?

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