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How can I help?

To supplement the missing information

There are a huge number of voids in the database - somewhere there is not enough pictures, somewhere dates or the sculptor of the miniature is not specified. Most often, the information is easily available on the Internet, but it has not yet reached the hands. If you help and add it, everyone will be very grateful to you!Sets without Images
Sets without Description
Sets without Prices
Sets without Release Date
Sets without Sculptor
Sets without Painter
Sets without 3d-modeller

Correctors and translation

If you have the opportunity to help with translating the interface into your language, we will be very happy. The translation is made conveniently - everything is edited and changed right on the page, without a complex interface, everything is simple and clear.

We really need correctors for the website interface. I'm not very good at English and I probably made a lot of mistakes. If you can help with this, the site will become much more pleasant!

If you can help with that - please contact us.

Catalog marking

We have the ability to cut images online from catalog pages and create sets from them. At the same time, all the actions of the participants are recorded in order to know and remember the help of everyone who has done so much for the community.
To get access to the image slicer - contact us.
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What is happening now

Cooperative work

Collaboration is when several people are engaged in the same project at the same time - for example, they add miniatures of some company or game.

According to the results, each participant is awarded points for participation, respect and glory.

We work together to add miniatures to the catalog. Here is our new teamwork projects. Get involved, we need you!

Top Community Help Rating

About Community Help Rating

The most important thing for our community of collectors is information.

Information about companies, games, miniatures - when they appeared, how much they cost, what they were made of, etc. It is sometimes difficult to find this information, and we mark this work of people with points in order to highlight those who have greatly helped the development of the community.

Points are awarded for adding and changing materials on the site - any details about kits, companies and games are important and useful to us.

Join us, everyone's help is important to us!
8243 points
Belladonna Ulanti
21714 points
6965 points

Community New Helpers

Богдан Бобык

Community Top Helpers

# Пользователь Sets Changes Sets Created
1 Belladonna Ulanti 8674 2562
2 unrealbe 4963 620
3 craigwelsh 5100 347
4 Grimrok 2318 872
5 Nefelyr 1608 210
6 Eruwen 1653 1
7 Gabbi 1326 97
8 Hokkaido 1353 0
9 Bloodwild 763 76
10 Петр Солодков 507 141

Community Extra Points

Extra points are given for the benefit of the community, which is not measured by changes and additions.
Who and how muchWhyWhen
Orakel received 30 pointsFor checking companies to add next2 weeks 3 days ago
MarioBronz82 received 30 pointsFor checking companies to add next3 weeks 1 day ago
Belladonna Ulanti received 200 pointsFor good idea with set's languages and language filters in catalog. Done!4 weeks 1 day ago
DanR888 received 30 pointsFor checking companies to add next4 weeks 1 day ago
Dogowar6798 received 30 pointsFor checking companies to add next1 month 3 days ago