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The main idea behind this site is to gather all the information possible about the miniatures (toy soldiers, figurines - call them whatever you like) from all over the world with the help of everyone interested. It is also a place to put your miniatures collections together, show them to others, discuss and share miniature-related news. For more information about the site, its goals and handy features click here. There is no shop, we don't sell anything.
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Crowdfunding Projects with Miniatures

Last added Crowdfunding Projects. There is 2098 live projects of 6479, 3467 are still updated occasionally.
Chronicles of Ascaria - Dwarves of the Northwatch Mountains!
by Krizzart Miniatures
High quality 3D printable miniatures - 28mm & 32mm for wargames and RPG's - 75mm & busts for painters and collectors.
, 28mm
January 2023, Ansbach, Germany, DE
NFTV third Wave - STL presupported detailed space bugs minis
Nightmare from the Void is back! Choose your invasion troops and create your hyper detailed and modular army of minis ready to print!
Setting: Sci-fi
January 2023, Cherbourg-Octeville, France, FR
Seaplane Gunship
by Anthony Salvaty
28/32mm scale 3D printable seaplane for tabletop wargaming and RPGs.
, 32mm
January 2023, Odell, IL, US
Altar of Condore - With Stretch Goals - Pay What You Want
by Neil Young
The giant troll has been wiped out an altar has been erected. Watchtower, well, loot, and more. 3D Printable STL Files.
3d print
January 2023, Cheshire, UK, GB
Treasure Chest Dice Box Storage: Make 100
by RC Craigo
Store your favorite dice, miniatures, keepsakes or anything in a stylish treasure chest style storage box.

January 2023, Pueblo, CO, US
MENA Rebels - 28mm STL
28mm STL files of MENA rebels miniatures and vehicles, scalable to 20mm and 15mm
3d print, 28mm
January 2023, France, France, FR
Modular Humvees - 28mm Modern Wargaming STL´s for Tabletop
by Modern-Miniatures
Premium STL files for 28mm modular humvees. You wont need to buy another humvee again. Endless Mix´n Match options.
3d print, 28mm
January 2023, Brilon, Germany, DE

Miniatures Shows from over the world

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22-26 March 2023
Schaumburg, USA
29 April - 1 May 2023
Manchester, UK

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