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The main idea behind this site is to gather all the information possible about the miniatures (toy soldiers, figurines - call them whatever you like) from all over the world with the help of everyone interested. Also it is a place to put together your miniatures collection, show it to others, discuss and share the news. For more information about the site, its goals and handy features click here. There is no shop, we don't sell anything.
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Crowdfunding Projects with Miniatures

Last added Crowdfunding Projects. There is 396 live projects of 4622, 1624 are still updated occasionally.
medieval architecture
by Moliponchik
3d models, medieval architecture,stl file.

Miniature, 3d print
January 2022, Paderborn, Germany, DE
Modular 3D printable city blocks for Wargames with OpenLOCK
Modular city block for WW2 or modern Wargames with OpenLOCK.
Setting: Historical
January 2022, Lichtentanne, Germany, DE
Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game
The hunger takes hold after the Marvel Universe has been turned into Zombies! Get ready for a Zombicide campaign of epic proportions.

January 2022, Atlanta, GA, US
Fantasy Theory Band RPG
by Diego Martinez
Highly Detailed 3D Printable Fantasy Miniatures for Painting and Tabletop DnD escale 32mm
Setting: Fantasy
Miniature, 32mm
January 2022, España, Spain, ES
Oblieg's Gallery of Grave Goods - Printable gaming props
3D printable STLs for gaming props/artifacts -- plus lore, stats, item cards, and a book, and even printable minis/scenery!

Miniature, 3d print
January 2022, St. Paul, MN, US
Anime Dungeons - amazing miniatures and terrain!
by Bloody Sword Miniatures
3d printable amazing miniatures and terrain for your gaming table! Full Dungeon: Against the Goblins Included!

January 2022, Mamaroneck, NY, US
Portals Pack - STL files
Different 3d printable portals for your games!

January 2022, Oslo, Norway, NO

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