Patreon with Miniatures and Terrain STL to print

Patreon is a site where companies post their new miniatures for 3D printing for early access for a subscription (usually about $ 10 per month). For this price, you can get a good discount on previous sets and get new miniatures a month earlier than the rest. It is usually quite difficult to choose the companies that suit you, since there is nowhere all the information in one place. On you can view the rating of companies or view recently released miniatures.
Choose your Patreon by rating or by the number of subscribers.
TitleLink to PatreonPatronsYesterdayLast WeekWeek Graph
1. onepagerules link10203 -567
2. Geoffro / Hex3D link7703 -594 -458
3. mz4250 link6855 -345
4. Artisan Guild link6664 -279
5. Titan-Forge Miniatures link6021 100
Is it difficult to choose from hundreds of different companies? See in one place what each of them creates. Choose conveniently!

#32mm #Digital #Miniature #Fantasy
#32mm #Digital #Miniature #Fantasy
#32mm #Digital #Miniature #Sci-fi
#32mm #Digital #Miniature #Fantasy