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We have 161145 miniatures on the site. If you don't know what exactly you want to find, then it may be more convenient for you to look at the sets by category.

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The main idea behind this site is to gather all the information possible about the miniatures (toy soldiers, figurines - call them whatever you like) from all over the world with the help of everyone interested. It is also a place to put your miniatures collections together, show them to others, discuss and share miniature-related news. For more information about the site, its goals and handy features click hier. There is no shop, we don't sell anything.
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We know 1711 Miniature's companies, 576 Games/Lines and 1019 Factions and going to add more!

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Crowdfunding-Projekte mit Miniaturen

Zuletzt hinzugefügte Crowdfunding-Projekte. Es gibt 2154 Live-Projekte von 6535, 3523 werden gelegentlich noch aktualisiert.
Arbiter Miniatures Kickstarter 8: Hellgate
Epic 3D Printable STL Miniatures with super easy to remove professional pre-supports AND a full RPG adventure based on the miniatures!
3d print
February 2023, Føllenslev, Denmark, DK
Isopod Heavy Cavalry
by Halcyon Miniatures
30mm wargaming miniatures
, 30mm
February 2023, Nottingham, UK, GB
Gothic Wizard's Tower
by Quinn Zahasky
3D Printable STL Files, Terrain for Tabletop, Role Playing Games, Wargames and RPG's
3d print
February 2023, Juneau, AK, US
Club Rikani: sci-fi miniature-scale map
by 0-hr
24x36 inch miniature-scale poster map featuring a casino/night club for Starfinder and other sci-fi RPGs.
Setting: Sci-fi
February 2023, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Westlands: 2D6 Sword & Sorcery RPG Hardback + PDF - $1+
by William Murakami-Brundage
We're releasing Westlands in hardback. 2D6 system sword and sorcery RPG. Get the brand-new hardback or updated PDF.
3d print
February 2023, Portland, OR, US
Little Worms
by Hera'stone
A 3D Fantasy Football team printable in STL
Setting: Fantasy 3d print
February 2023, Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy, IT
Skull Planters - 3D STL Files
by Digital Creative Works
High details, exciting and fun planters in the form of creative skulls as 3D printable STL files.
3d print
February 2023, Chicago, IL, US

Miniatures Shows from over the world

Here you can view some future shows and events related to miniatures.
22-26 March 2023
Schaumburg, USA
29 April - 1 May 2023
Manchester, UK

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New information and sets appear on the site thanks to the members of our community. Anyone can add and edit the information in the database. That is why it is so versatile and detailed! You can see hier how you can participate in the project. We need your help and it is much appreciated!

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