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We have 254514 miniatures on the site. If you don't know what exactly you want to find, then it may be more convenient for you to look at the sets by category.

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The main idea behind this site is to gather all the information possible about the miniatures (toy soldiers, figurines - call them whatever you like) from all over the world with the help of everyone interested. It is also a place to put your miniatures collections together, show them to others, discuss and share miniature-related news. For more information about the site, its goals and handy features click hier. There is no shop, we don't sell anything.
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We have a Telegram channel where we automatically publish all the new releases from the website (about 30-40 per day). It's a great way to stay up to date!

1959 collectioners have 40,517 in their collections and wish 71,030 miniatures.

We have 254,514 miniatures in our base with total price $4,946,576 and 58,092 video reviews of them.

We know 2221 Miniature's companies, 831 Games/Lines and 1291 Factions and going to add more!

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How can Miniset be useful for collectors?

Keep your collection by clicking
It's not easy to keep in mind all the miniatures you have. Especially if you've been in this hobby a while and your collection has grown significantly. Using a notepad or notes on your phone is not very convenient. We've all been there :)
Maximum information
All the information on the site is added by the same collectors as you. You get maximum information about your miniatures, their sculptors and artists, and much more.
Download your collection in XLS-file
You can download an xls file with your collection at any time. You won't have to fill it with your hands, as before!
Your future miniatures
A single place to search for similar, new and interesting miniatures. There is no need to review dozens of sites or scroll through the feed over the past week. Send your wishlist to friends)
Do you know more than we do?
Share with us, because someone also added information about miniatures from your collection. Everyone can supplement information and add new ones, that's what we live by.
What else?
Interesting crowdfunding projects, video reviews, vintage catalogs and a great community of people like you! Walk around the site, you will find a lot of interesting things! And it's all free.

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Discussing our paints and miniatures in telegram!

Here we discuss the news of the world of miniatures, share tips and recommendations, and also show our real masterpieces! Join us, let's create unique and beautiful works together!

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Here you can view some future shows and events related to miniatures.

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