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We know that we don't have all miniatures in our database.
If you have miniatures in your collection that we don't have - click on the checkbox of that company.
Last year we added more than 1,081 miniatures to this site. If we know what you need - we will add them faster!

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Here is a list of all companies on Miniset. Click on any quantity of checkboxes near titles and we will know what to add next time.
AEG (5)
Ankama (1)
Asmodee (25)
Avanpost (577)
Citadel (366)
Fenryll (755)
Figone (56)
Foundry (3792)
Games K (32)
Ghamak (1)
Himini (4)
Kromlech (992)
Lab-54 (9)
MaxMini (253)
NiF (35)
Pacific88 (182)
Rackham (690)
Ratnik (265)
Scale75 (68)
ScaleBro (248)
Vallejo (266)
Varios (15)
Vyzov (131)
Wildland (752)
WizKids (359)
Zvezda (522)
Simple arithmetic: mean value of sets for one company - 185.
We need to add to empty companies about 96385 sets.
We already add 54110, so it will be soon)
35.95% sets already added
Can't find company you know? Add it!
Companies with grey titles dont have sets yet.