While new to 3d Miniatures, we have been creating Flat Plastic Miniatures, Battlemaps, Spell Effects, Object Sheets, and all types of digital assets for years.

Arcknight is a 2-man hobby-turned-business. Founded by Joshua Wardrop and Philip Krog-Sorensen, we began creating RPG accessories and products when we could not find what we wanted to consume on the open market.

We initially went to Kickstarter with a pitch for a small set of generic Roleplaying Maps, and had tremendous success. We’ve never recovered…

We developed a unique print-on-demand process to produce double-sided transparent plastic, leading to the Flat Plastic Miniatures line, and eventually the Roleplaying Spell Effects line.

Philip produces out of Las Vegas, Nevada and ships to Josh’s warehouse in Fort Worth, TX. It’s not ideal, but it’s working while we get additional copies of all the machinery needed in Fort Worth.

Our printing technique can be very challenging. We’re doing things the printer doesn’t believe can be done. It crashes, it jams, it leaks, it needs it’s software hacked or reinstalled every time it tries to update, but the final product is beautiful and we hope our results speak for themselves.

We love our fans, and are very passionate about our work. If you can’t get ahold of us, even for weeks at a time, please don’t take it personally. If your emails aren’t being responded to, they may be getting spammed or blocked by the server. If your tweets to us aren’t working, try messaging us on Facebook. We’re happy to respond, and we WILL solve any problems you have, but sometimes we’re simply not available.

Everything we do is with the long-term in mind. We want our fans coming back for years, and we hope our dedication shows.

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