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We are group of artists, sculptors and modellers, who makes models and miniatures, basically in 28-32mm scale, based on artworks, literature and other stuff we likes. We all live in different cites in Russia, separated by distance, but united in devotion, creativity and ideas.

Artel “W” Miniatures is a small but proud company from Russia that produces miniatures for tabletop wargames, RPGs – and collecting, of course. We are the team of artists, designers and casters working together for the common goal which is to make our resin miniatures full of character and thoroughly detailed. Our company was established in 2017, and since then we have released quite a lot of miniatures and sets warmly accepted by the community from around the world. Artel “W” Miniatures has always been driven by the strongest intention to produce awesome miniatures for awesome people. We are striving to breathe life and personality into our creations to make them special – either in a game or on a collector’s shelf.

Наше объединение занимается изготовлением авторской миниатюры по любимым нами произведениям и играм.

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Magnetic Heroes: Modular miniatures for fantasy roleplay
DnD miniatures you dreamed of.\n12 basic characters with 127+ unique options.\nMore than 1000 assembling variations with tiny magnets!
Setting: Fantasy
Miniature, 32mm
November 2021, Moscow, Russia, US