Subscription and Compilations - all sets in your collection in one click

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Subscription and Compilations - all sets in your collection in one click

A beta test has been launched to subscriptions, compilations and adding all sets of them to your collection in one click.

This is useful if you have a subscription to some company (patreon, tribes or on the company's website) and want to add all the sets to your collection at once. Without wasting time searching and calling each set with your hands.

How it works

There are compilations on the site. This is a type of material in which you can combine many different sets from different manufacturers, on any subject, with any idea.

There are subscriptions - it looks exactly the same as "following" - click on such a flag near any company and a list of your subscriptions and related compilations will be displayed on a separate page. For example i add a few compilations for company Stoneheaven. Subscribing flag is in the bottom of left block.

After that - one click on Subscription page - and all the sets from the compilation will be added to your collection.

I ask everyone to try. This way we will find potential bugs and be able to improve this new feature!

Also, the "Selection" finally started working. You can easily add any sets from the catalog (when viewing the detailed view). Just click on "selection" near the set. This is a kind of clipboard - it's easy to create a new compilation with sets on any topic, including for releases.

And vice versa - from any compilation, you can copy the sets to your selection and then do whatever you want with them. Some little description can be found here.