This society made contact with us, the human race, when a British gentleman accidently landed on the shores of the nation of Lilliput. That gentleman was a giant to the people of that tiny nation and its neighbouring enemies of Blefuscu, as its inhabitants were slightly taller than that man’s thumb! Once the man left, the destiny of those nations was changed forever.

It took a while, but the Lilliputians finally signed an armistice with Blefuscu, and started throwing all their joint resources into finding out more of the world that produced these giant folk, like the one they had met.

Given their short size compared to ours, their life cycle happens way faster than ours. Regardless of a shorter life span, they achieve so much more in such a short space of time. Because of this, their technology advances in leaps and bounds compared to ours. This enabled them to discover that humans are not actually sharing the same world as them.

They realised that they live in a parallel dimension to our own, and there are many others. With this startling discovery, they rapidly invented ‘Portals’, allowing them to open limited spaces in other dimensions. They learned that when they visit our space, they can open channels which boost the resources of their own Inner world. The more space they control from our own world, the better theirs becomes.

Once they started travelling the Inner-space, they opened new gateways for the other dimensions to come through. Some of the worlds they made contact with were more friendly than others. These other races of little people have been visiting our world and each other ever since.

New Lilliput is content just with the opening of channels to our world, but some of the more mischievous races from the other dimensions are trying to affect it. New Lilliput, now burdened by responsibility, are fighting to prevent that. They are now investing many resources in their armed forces, and their elite warriors are well prepared to enter our world, to defend it from the invaders of the other dimensions.

When New Lilliput controls a space everything seems to be in good order. Things are where they are supposed to be, our technology works just fine, and the house looks nice and clean.

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