Home Raiders

Home Raiders is a game played with small scale models. These models represent the combatants that travel from a dimension known as the Inner-space to your very home, in order to battle for the dominance of your space. These fighters are little folk (which means that the scale of the models is actually 1:1) which exist in dimensions parallel to ours, and crash our world in order to thrive in theirs.

The game is very easy to grasp, and is a great option for a fast game that takes place on your living room coffee table, your office desk, or even around your kitchen sink. It takes no time at all to set up, so you can get your dice rolling in a breeze. If you are an experienced gamer, Home Raiders is a great choice for an improvised gaming session or even a well laid out match amongst a bunch of friends. If you want to play with your younger brothers and sisters, cousins or even your children, you won’t find a better option to getting them started with this amazing hobby.

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