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Vesper-on Games is a small company from Barcelona, Spain. We are a small team with a passion for miniatures and putting out a high quality product.

We are the people behind Carnevale: the miniatures game. Now we want to expand our range with this new product, aimed at hobbyists, and potential hobbyists, of all ages and levels of experience. Launching a new product is always a thrilling and delicate prospect, specially for a small company like ours. And this one is quite ambitious, as we are going to be producing our first boxed game and unique set of dice. Kickstarter is a great opportunity for us to put out a much better product than what we would be capable of without your help, and it is a great way for you to participate in the first baby steps of Home Raiders.

Vesper-on Games and TrollTrader have recently reached and agreement in order to continue the publication of the Carnevale: the miniatures game and Home Raiders game ranges. From now on, TrollTrader will hold the rights of both IPs and will work to develop both properties. This will ensure that there is a future for the games originally launched and published by Vesper-on Games.

Carnevale is a skirmish miniatures game set in a fantasy version of XVIII century Venice. Its original game engine allows for a very narrative experience, which helped this game to be nominated to the Origins Awards as best miniatures rules of 2012.

Home Raiders is a game designed to make wargaming available to all publics, and its easy to learn and dynamic system is the best entryway for any new players and a fun environment for veterans as well. Set in the real world, hordes of tiny warriors break into our homes in order to control our spaces.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Vesper-on Games

Fanhunter: Urban Warfare (Canceled)
Project closed - Proyecto cancelado
Setting: Fantasy
February 2016, Barcelona, Spain, ES
Home Raiders
Little folk from the Inner-space sneak in your home to battle for dominance! The miniatures game for all ages and levels of expertise.
Setting: Pirates
May 2015, Barcelona, Spain, GB
Carnevale: the narrative miniatures game
We are relaunching Carnevale: the narrative miniatures game. An updated rulebook, two new factions... Start your collection today!
Setting: Fantasy
September 2014, Barcelona, Spain, GB
Fangs and Crosses - Carnevale Winter Sourcebook (Canceled)
The first expansion for the award winning Carnevale, the miniature game. New factions, new characters, new rules... new experience!
Setting: Fantasy
August 2013, Barcelona, Spain, GB

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