Fair folk

Fair folk used to happily live in our world ages ago. They kept themselves hidden away from human eyes, but their playful nature usually led them to execute pranks on us longshanks. They were known as pixies, fairies, elves, gnomes, and many other names all over the world. Their natural habitat was the wilderness. They had their space, and we had ours. But as time went on we slowly invaded their forests. Brick and steel soon took the place of tree and stone. Their magic dwindled, and no matter how hard some people clapped their hands, the fair folk just went away. They departed and hid away in their own Inner world. They grew grey and sad, and forgot about the humans and our shared history. We just brushed them aside, only to be know in folklore and children’s bedtime stories. That is until New Lilliput stumbled into their dimension.

They were reminded of our world and, filled with strength and energy anew, the Fair folk decided to reclaim their place in it. They also remembered that they all knew how to create portals, and made their way back. As soon as they drew their first breath in our dimension again, they felt vigorous once more. They want to come back to our forests, but to do so, they must first get a hold of our homes (as we did theirs in centuries past).

What some other races define as technology, they call magic. They are natural magic users, and they have been looking for the chance to stretch their arcane muscles again in the sport of combat. Fairies, centaurs and dragon riders are pouring into our world every day, just for the thrill of adventure.

When the Fair folk gain control over a space, moss seems to grow everywhere. Our gardens and our plants grow easily, our books turn yellow, walls become damp, and little green sprouts appear between the cracks in the floor.

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