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Companies, that already use hashtags for news!

Adeptus Architectorum

2017 - now

Altores Studio

May 2016 - now

Angry Brush Studio

Summer 2015 - now

The outstanding masters of "Angry Brush Studio" suggest service оf historical and wargame miniature painting. We work with any scales, materials, times and game universes. Each figure is painted with acrylic and oil paints and set in wooden base.

Ant miniatures

? - now

We pleased to offer you a large selection of military figures in miniature, produced by out firm ANT-miniatures. We do figures of metal (tin) scales of 54 mm, 90 mm, 120 mm, 200 mm.

Art Miniatures

? - now


Artel Master

2008 - now

Artel W Miniatures

? - now

We are group of artists, sculptors and modellers, who makes models and miniatures, basically in 28-32mm scale, based on artworks, literature and other stuff we likes. We all live in different cites in Russia, separated by distance, but united in devotion, creativity and ideas.


29 june 2017 - now

'Avanpost' - military historical miniatures studio, producing high quality and historical accurate miniatures of resin and white metal.

Awaken Realms

? - now

Miniature painting is our greatest passion and that is what we do - Painting awesome minis at very competitive prices while supporting this great community.

Who are we?

Baueda Wargames

? - now

Baueda is a developer of high quality tabletop wargame accessories and miniatures. Our catalogue it's growing fast as we are constantly expanding all our ranges, so make sure to check out this page often for the latest news!

Blood Carrot

May 2016 - now

Brass And Brushes

2013 - now

Painting studio

Bronze Collection

? - now

Company from Poltava, Ukraine. Manufacture historical miniatures in 40mm and 28mm in bronze.

Brother Vinni

2009 - now

Brother Vinni is sculptor from St. Petersburg (Russia). Arch-founder and chief sculptor of Brother-Vinni's Miniatures.

Brother Vinni sculpts since he can remember himself, and we sell miniatures since 2009.


January 2017 - now


2013 - now

Chronos Miniatures

2012 - now

A Russian manufacturer producing rather unusual historical subjects covering all eras in history. Produced in resin or white metal.

Dicey Studio

August 2017 - now

Drabant Miniatures

23 April 2016 - now

Historical miniatures in 28 and 40mm.

Eurasia Epos

Jule 2018 - now

The main purpose of our project is to popularize the Folklore of the people living on the territory of Eurasia.

Fan Art Models

8 November 2016 - now

Fcubed Miniatures

? - now

Flower of souls Studio

? - now

Ghost miniatures

? - now

Grim Skull Miniatures

31 october 2014 - now

Grim Skull Miniatures is a brand new studio which designs the exclusive miniatures for wargames.


9 May 2018 - now

Himini (Historical miniature)

Hobby Bunker

? - now

Hobby Bunker - is a manufacturer and reseller of miniatures and accessories for gamers, hobbyists and collectors. Also, for additional fee we assemble and paint your minis on request.

Irbis miniatures

? - now

We invite you to a world of exclusive miniatures, where you immerse yourself into the world of historical characters, legendary personalities and characters from the paintings of great artists. Our team is a community of artists and sculptors, who infinitely love their hobby.

Klukva Miniatures

5 March 2015 - now

Korchagin Studio

? - now

Studio of Andrey Korchagin.

Legends of Signum

? - now

Live Resin

11 august 2011 - now

At Live Resin we design and manufacture resin figures and accessories in 1/35 and other scales for discerning modellers. We utilize modern advanced 3D modelling and rapid prototyping last generation technology.


May 2015 - now

We are LOSBLOCK - a small company from Surgut, siberian city in Russia. We are wargame players and we creating stuff for people like ourselves. Scenery and accessories, that we produce, was tested in thousands of battles on hundreds tables.

Medieval Forge Miniatures

18 september 2017 - now

Mens Paints Studio

? - now

Miniatures Fan

? - now

Мы находимся в Москве. Наш магазин существует с 2007 года. Все это время мы постоянно работаем над расширением ассортимента магазина, а также совершенствуем качество обслуживания клиентов. Наш физический магазин Арт-Цитадель находится на ст. м. Дмитровская.


? - now

Modellers of Fortune

November 2015 - now

Modelling Art Studio

?- 21.11.2017


28 june 2012 - now

OverCraft Studio

November 2014 - now


October 2015 - now

Paint and Brush

? - now

Praying Mantis Studio

? - now

Publius Toy Soldiers

August 2004 - now


2015 - now

Our company started in 2015. Products “ Warrior” presented to tin miniature, describing events from different historical epoch.

We are only at the beginning, so please treat with understanding to our work.

Ronin Miniatures

2013 - now

Our company is located in Ukraine, and for more than 15 years we have specialized in producing high-quality historical and military miniatures. If your hobby is toy soldiers, their collecting, painting, or you're a fan of military and tactical games, you have come to the right address.

Runecraft miniatures

23 may 2016 - now

Russian Vityaz

1989 - now


2016 - now

ScaleBro is a small team devoted to create awesome miniatures. Our aim is to produce high quality, interesting looking figures for hobbyists and painters.