Gothic Ruined Building 64 Gr064

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This is the STL file for a Titan/Mech Scale urban terrain file. The file can be scaled up or down to suit your own game yourself using your slicing program.

When I print any building from my "Ruined" line I do not print with supports. I try to design in a way that they are not needed. But due to the amount of overhanging parts there will be strands of PLA filament hanging down. I have come to like this look and think it adds to the ruined look, cables and stuff hanging down from the ceilings. I do try and remove the obvious strands. If you do not like the look for want to reduce the strands they are easily removed with a pair of needle nose pliers or tweezers or even your fingers if you have small hands. You may print with supports if you wish to avoid this. But I have not printed with supports.

This item comes with 2 STL files, one with the rubble skirt and one without the rubble skirt. The rubble skirt it the area with rubble surrounding the base of the building.

You are allowed to print off as many as you wish for personal use but this is not a commercial license. You may not print to sell. If you would like a commercial license to print and sell this item please check out MMF Tribes Program.

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