Attack! 2022

16-17 July 2022
Devizes, UK
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Attack's Back! Our first show & competition since 2019. 30+ traders, Bring & Buy, Participation Games, Real Ale Bar, Refreshments, 8 Comps
About this event

This is the show you all love to come to in the beautiful Wiltshire town of Devizes.

We will be hosting 8 competitions this year:

l'Arte de la Guerre - 28mm Dark Ages (Green pages 162-191) 494AD - 1049AD
DBM - 15mm Doubles. DBM 3.4
Field of Glory Ancients - Open Competition period - test for v3.1 rules
Field of Glory Renaissance - The Siege of Vienna
Flames of War - WWII Late War
Mortem et Gloriam - Rome put to the Sword. Any Classical army 387BCE - 455CE
Renatio et Gloriam - Wars of Henry VIII and Italian Wars
Saga Ironman - all figures and terrain supplied.

WAITING LISTS: 27/4/22 It seems that we can only have one waiting list per event. At the moment it is set for ADLG which is sold out. If you wish to be added to any other competition that is sold out -just FOG Ancients/Medieval at the moment - please email your name and phone number along with the name of the competition you wish to join if tickets become available. E:

Sponsors and Traders

CompanyHelion and Company
CompanyIronclad Miniatures
CompanyScarab Miniatures
CompanyScotia Grendel
CompanyWarlord Games