Collectible Price Field For Current Market Price...

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Collectible Price Field For Current Market Price...

One item I'd like to gather your thoughts on is a field for collectible price. The price field is asking for last known manufacture's price. But for some of the old minis the eBay market price is truly the driver and if I'm looking at getting a value of my collection it should take that price if it's available. For example... The original 1995 Warhammer Quest by GW sold for $99.99 here in the US. But on May 5 of this year, just this week, a copy sold for $300. Therefore the value of my collection is actually greater by $200. Another thought would be adding the collectible price field and a collectible value field. Then having both a retail value and a collectible value on your summary page.

It's a good idea, i though about it a lot. The collectible price can be very different from time to time.

The only automation idea about this - is to collect prices from ebay and save average price every month. But here is a problem - there is not a clear search results on ebay - there are many faults.

For example - this month people sell 3 full sets for 100-150$. But next month - there is only one full set for 300$ and 10 results for not a full sets (some miniatures from it) for 1$. Average price will be in first example - about 125$ and second - about 28$. This is not a very accurate collectible price).

And this is if all search results will be about real set, without faults. And one thing more - there is new and used lots. And used may be different... How to calculate such collectible price?