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We are Aether Studios, a small collective of extremely dedicated 3d artists who enjoy working together to bring worlds to life. We are extremely passionate about 3d printable gaming terrain and expansive builds for epic adventures. We publish sets of gaming terrain, vehicles, and miniatures in a constant monthly cycle. In the last 3 years of this patreon we have published over 10,000 models of terrain for our patrons and backers. If you are checking us out for the first time, we encourage you to download one of our free sets found HERE.

We publish hundreds of models each month, but usually about half are Dragonbite compatible tiles. The Dragonbite Clip from Fat Dragon Games powers all of our tile terrain. This simple and powerful clip and slot system is designed to take advantage of the properties of PLA and 3d printed materials to allow for secure connections and easily swappable sections. The artists at Aether Studios got our start making remixes for the Fat Dragon Games community and we wouldn't be here without them.

We published several dozen set series: from the Asian inspired adventures of Eastern Kingdoms to the H.R.Giger inspired Alien Lair series. We're always publishing new stuff for our patrons and expanding on the ideas and requests they have.

We are William Walker, Colin Christenson, Jacob Armor, Nasos Maloudis, Tia Norah, Ben Gayer, Jeromy K. Smith, Marc Weatherhogg, Jason Surlock, and Károly Csúrgó of Aether Studios. We're a collective of crafting partners that create 3d printable table-top gaming terrain. We like working together to apply a full spectrum of talent to unique and complex designs. Sometimes we publish independently and other times as a group. Sometimes we craft for ourselves and other times on commission for clients. We craft together and we roll dice together. You can be sure that whatever our project, we are aiming for excellence every single time. Thank you for visiting us.

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New Miniatures from Aether Studios

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First set: 18 July 2020
Last update: 17 August 2022
Next update: ~ 20 August 2022

Games / Product Lines of Aether Studios

Crowd Funding Projects from Aether Studios

Space Bug Prairie
3d printable sci-fi frontier terrain, heroes, and bugs.
Setting: Sci-fi
June 2022, Greer, SC, US
Eggnog & Brains
3D printable adventure terrain and miniatures from Aether Studios
Setting: Sci-fi
Miniature, 3d print, 32mm
December 2021, Greer, SC, US
Sky Islands 2- Drumbeat of War. 3D Printed Models
3d printable miniatures, terrain, and war machines for fantasy steampunk adventure!
Setting: Fantasy, Steampunk
August 2021, Grayslake, IL, US
Sky Islands 3d Printable Terrain
Adventure among the clouds and explore the steampunk metropolis of Aethertowne with all supportless Vehicles, Miniatures, and Terrain.
Setting: Steampunk
February 2021, Greer, SC, US
Aether Studios - Swamp of Sorrows
3d printable gaming terrain and miniatures for the most harrowing of wetland encounters

May 2019, Vacaville, CA, US

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