Artisan Guild Miniatures

Artisan Guild Miniatures is a new company, specialized in high quality concepting and 3d sculpting Fantasy miniatures for 28-30mm scale. The team is composed by Andrea Tarabella and Francesca Musumeci, 3d sculptors passionated about fantasy, gaming, miniatures, and concepting. We will try to publish updates and new models every weekend.

Beginning with paper, pencil and clay since we were kids, we worked with awesome people in the last 10 years, concepting and sculpting hundreds of the most awesome miniatures for various companies, such Frog the What Games's Slaughterball, Roots of Magic, Erebus Studios and of course, Raging Heroes!
We started offering amazing 3d printable models on Patreon since May 2019.

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High quality 3d printable Heroines, Monsters and Terrains for your gaming table!
Setting: Fantasy
October 2019, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, ES

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