Atlantis Miniatures

Atlantis Miniatures is a small UK miniature company. Our endeavour for high quality resin miniatures full of character has been made a reality by the support and input from all of our backers during our first Kickstarter Campaign.

Due to the incredible response on our kickstarter we have been able to release a whole collection of Goblins, Orcs, Trolls and Creatures! Kickstarter

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New Miniatures from Atlantis Miniatures

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First set: 20 July 2015
Last update: 29 January 2020
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

Games / Product Lines of Atlantis Miniatures


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 8713
reviews ?
Progress: 83%
In 163 Companies

Persons worked with Atlantis Miniatures ( we know - 1 persons )

Crowd Funding Projects from Atlantis Miniatures

Fighting Fantasy Legends: 28mm Resin Miniatures
Collect and display all the Fighting Fantasy Miniatures!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
October 2019, Leicester, UK, GB
Atlantis Miniatures: 28mm Wood Elves
A collection of 28mm Resin Wood Elf Miniatures
, 28mm
May 2019, Leicester, UK, GB
Atlantis Miniatures : Ogres
A collection of 28mm Ogre Miniatures
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
July 2018, Leicester, UK, GB
Atlantis Miniatures: Mythology
A glorious mix of mythological resin miniatures in 28mm scale!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
November 2017, Coventry, UK, GB
Atlantis Miniatures: 28mm Dwarf Miniatures
A collection of highly detailed Resin Dwarf Miniatures in 28mm scale!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
March 2017, West Midlands, UK, GB
Atlantis Miniatures- 28mm Goblins,Orcs and Trolls
Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
July 2015, West Midlands, UK, GB

Most Viewed Miniatures of Atlantis Miniatures

Goblin Assassin
Goblin Assassin. Set
Goblin Adventurer
Goblin Adventurer. Set
Goblin King
Goblin King. Set
Orc War Chief
Orc War Chief. Set
Goblin Wizard
Goblin Wizard. Set
Goblin Drummer
Goblin Drummer. Set
Forest Troll Individual '1'
Forest Troll Individual '1'. Set
Orc Archer 1
Orc Archer 1. Set
Dwarf Beer Maiden
Dwarf Beer Maiden. Set
Dwarf Brewmaster
Dwarf Brewmaster. Set
Dwarf Gladiator
Dwarf Gladiator. Set
Dwarf Troll Hunter
Dwarf Troll Hunter. Set

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