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Creature Caster is based in British Columbia Canada. We specialize in producing hand poured, high quality, resin miniatures for collecting, painting, and wargaming. We always use the highest quality materials and methods available to us, and never stop in our drive to improve. Our dedicated team strives each and everyday to bring unique concepts to the page and then to three dimensional life. We love what we do, and it shows in the quality of our products.

Creature Caster is a company that creates high-end resin-cast miniatures.

My name is Jeremy Glen. I started this campaign in order to kickstart my new miniatures company, called Creature Caster. I am rewarding my backers with discounted prices, beautiful models, bundle deals, free gifts, plus some really special Kickstarter exclusive parts for your models.

My professional experience includes sculpting for film and television. I have freelance sculpted dozens of wargame miniatures over the past 6 years. Upon finishing school I have become experienced in modern tools such as CG modelling and 3D printing.

I am also the original founder and sculptor for Ultraforge Miniatures, a small and successful miniatures company. This gained me valuable experience in the fields of manufacturing, retail and fulfilment.

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Creature Caster: First Wave
Creature Caster is the new miniatures company from Jeremy Glen, award-winning sculptor and former owner of Ultraforge Miniatures.
, 50mm
April 2014, Vancouver, Canada, CA

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