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I've worked within the tabletop wargames industry, worked as an architectural assistant where I found my calling as a 3D artist, which has led me to work in the film and video games industry. I have always been involved with tabletop wargaming and RPG throughout my life, and recently wondered how to bring my love of wargaming and building 3D assets together. With the rapid development and the falling prices of the home desktop 3D printer making 3D printing more accessible, this has opened up an opportunity for me to create objects and buildings for my battles and adventures. I believe that terrain and props can play such an important role in the wargame/RPG story. Dark Realms has been running for over a year and a half now. I mainly work from Patreon with themes voted by patrons. It's amazing how far I've come from the beginning, and I look forward to what the future holds!

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Crowd Funding Projects from Dark Realms Forge

3D Printable Halfling Village
Welcome to Shirelands! 3D printable STL files to create your very own Halfling village!
Setting: Fantasy
Terrain, 3d print
July 2020, Bangkok, Thailand, GB
Stone City of Arkenfel 3D printable terrain
Welcome to the grand Stone City of Arkenfel. Here is another chance to get hold of this popular release from our Patreon project.
Setting: Fantasy
March 2020, Bangkok, Thailand, GB
3D printable Multi-race Townsfolke and Buildings STL files
Fill your world and adventures with these awesome buildings and memorable NPCs for all your fantasy games.
Setting: Fantasy
September 2019, Bangkok, Thailand, GB
Medieval Scenery - 3D Printable Terrain and Props
Fantastic detailed 3D printable scenery for your tabletop RPG adventures and other war games and battles.
Setting: Sci-fi
October 2018, London, UK, GB

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