Den of Imagination

After months of planning, hours of writing and years of sculpting we’re finally here – open to new challenges and cooperations!

We are WildMesh and we are… well, a little bit wild, but in a good way. Our imagination is unbound and we are unstoppable. We are a team of sculptors, graphic designers and other creative folks willing to deliver the highest quality 3D prints and projects to all those who want to add something extra to their collections. We have an experience in creating both customized miniatures for table-top battle games and fine-detailed standalone miniatures. You may check some of them [HERE].

OK, but you may wonder – if we do so many cool things, why start with Patreon? The answer is simple – we like to create our own projects which nobody asked for, but many have needed. Therefore we've decided to launch our Patreon as a place to promote our work – so we may share our creations with the broader audience, and you may have monthly updates to your armies.

We are as flexible as Wildee, our mascot – we believe many genres of fiction are cool and there is no point to limit ourselves just to SF or Fantasy. Similarly, we create both totally new characters as well as those referring to the worlds you know and love – be it any of the comic universes or related to any of the most beloved table-top games lore.

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  • 11 June 2023 Change name from "WildMesh" to "Den of Imagination"

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