Fenryll Company has been created in 1991 by Thierry Crabouliet a young student passionately fond of wargames and role playing games. Thierry, painter and sculptor, has founded the unique French resin fantasy miniatures manufacturer.

During the first years, Fenryll has produced several great big miniatures (60 mm to 150 mm scale), which are now hard to find and classified as collectors. From the first to the latest one, all Fenryll miniatures are molded in a high precision resin. You'll see later, how this choice has been important for the success of Fenryll brand.

During year 1996, Fernyll launched 25/28 mm scale fantasy ranges. This was a great and quick success which is due to the high level of details and to the great creativity of the models.

Fenryll products are usually packaged in plastic blisters containing three miniatures. In some cases the blisters can contain more or less miniatures. All Fenryll models are molded with a high quality resin able to provide a detailed precision of some microns (compare to metal which provide a precision of 0.2 millimeter). Moreover, the resin manufacturing process allows sculpting dynamic position using the whole space around the miniature (instead of metal manufacturing process which need to have the miniature on a single plane). To finish with, this resin is an alimentary non-toxic resin, which is more appropriated to small game pieces.

Fenryll team

Alain Almeras, Alain Roman, Allan Carrasco, Benjamin Zerbib, Benoit Cauchie, Bernard Queruel, Bernard Malfay, Bruno Degrimouar, Catherine Benony, Christian Enjolras, Christian Dankworth, Christophe Ledieu, Christophe Boelinger, Christophe Samuel, Chritian Darworth, Clavilier Gregory, Cyril Abati, Cyril Roquelaine, Damien & Roman Drouart, David Ayral, David Faisant, Didier Graffet, Dirk Stiller, Dominique Seys, Dominique Signoret, Fabien Hyvert, Franck Henri, Fréderic Narcy, Gaël Goumond, Gérôme Bobo, Gil Oderigo, Gregory Dehonger, Guillaume Hemery, Guillaume Rieu, Gulien Casses, Jean Giraud, Jean-paul Riviere, Jeremi Bonnamant, Jerome Illig, Jocelyn Casanova, Joël Torres, John Lang, Laurent Conrad, Luc Trichet, Marc Cervera, Massin Sandro, Mathieu Gradasi, Michael Jamak, Michel Duc, Mohamed Ait-Mehdi, Nicolas Normand, Nkweti Laffite Olivier, Olivier Cote-Petit, Olivier Noel, Patrick Masson, Philipe Gengendre, Philippe Eude, Roberto Chaudron, Sébastien Labro, Sophie Guilbert, Sophie Mounier, Stéphane N’guyen, Stéphane Simon, Sylvain Quirion, Thierry Sentucq, Valentin Zak, Valérie Florentin, Victor Martin, Vincent Fontaine, Yannick Fusier.

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